Instant Gratification

Looking for a beauty pick-me-up?!  Hair extensions can give you a quick confidence boost.  In less than two hours Studio She can transform your look by creating the hair you have always imagined.   



Extensions are NOT just for length. Volume can be achieved in less than an hour.



Our simple rule of long as your hair is 5" long, we can double the length. 



Studio She® carries all methods of hair extensions.  With over 20 years of experience, we know the vital importance of importing raw materials that blend with the unique needs of each guest.  Carrying hair from around the globe ensures that texture, density, and the best choice will be provided.  

Consultations are complimentary and required.  Why?  Most importantly we care about the health of your hair.  Being that we carry all methods of hair extensions, it's vital to lock in which is the best method for YOU based on your DNA and lifestyle.  After all, you are unique and we approach this service as such. 

Methods include Keratin Flat Box Fusion, Tape, Custom Weft, Keratin Tube, Beaded Row, Cold Fusion and custom clip in hair extensions.  Hair is collected from India, Europe, Russia and some parts of Asia.




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