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Studio She™ Hair Extension Salon in Maryland


Are you tired of spending hours styling your hair only to have it not hold?


Is your hair hurting your confidence level?


Is heat styling damaging your hair and killing your vibe?


Do you look back at old photos of your healthier, thicker hair and say, "WTF"?


Is your pony tail so small that you just wear it in a messy bun?


Do you have lifeless|aging hair?


Are you tired of clipping in hair extensions and looking for something more permanent?


Do you always wear your hair up because you just don't know what else you can do?

Are you worried that getting extensions will be obvious and everyone will know?

if you answered YES to any of these questions...then you're not alone and it doesn't have to be this way!


Feeling confident about your hair!   


Spending less time getting ready and more time enjoying life! 


Imagine loving what you see in the mirror and feeling ready to take on the day!


Imagine taking photos of yourself and loving the way your hair looks!  

Imagine all this while wearing undetectable hair extensions. 


No one will have to know.



being SO happy that you wish you did it sooner!  

(that's what most of our guests say...)

 It's true we carry all methods of hair extensions! 

As a matter of fact, we specialize in hair extensions and color. 

*Color services are for hair extensions clients only. 

Wondering what method of hair extensions is best for you? 

That just depends on your unique DNA, lifestyle, budget and color history!


We encourage you to visit the Studio She™ blog to learn more about hair extensions, aftercare, methods, and so much more!

Book a complimentary consultation with Christina, just fill out the paperwork below.

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