Q: Will hair extensions ruin/damage my hair?

A: I like to say, everything is damaging.  The sun, high levels of hairspray (alcohol), brushing when wet....etc.

That said, I have witness hair actually become healthier.  No, definitely not, as long as hair extensions are treated properly. How to treat and take care of your hair will be discussed at the time your application appointment. It is up to the client to follow the aftercare sheet provided.

Q: How long do hair extensions last?

A: Fusions 3-5 months, depends on the thickness. Please know that one naturally loses 3 to 4 extensions per month, in general.

A: Tape In Hair Extensions last 6weeks to 3 months Hair is Reusable


Q: Can I reuse the hair again?

A: No! With Fusion Bonds
A: Yes! With Tape In Extensions


Q: Can I go swimming with my extensions?

A: Not everyday, if you happen to be in a pool, and have your head under water, that will be fine. However, avoid having the extensions in a pool regularly, chlorine is bad for your hair in general. Have your hair up in a bun to avoid the water.
If you will be swimming, have your hair in a very tight braid with conditioner in order to avoid tangles later. Follow with Leave in Conditioner


Q: Can I wear my hair in a ponytail wet?

A: No, please dry the bonds first before putting in a ponytail. The moisture may create slipping of the bonds. Exercising is okay in a ponytail, however immediately shampoo your hair after your workout, or at least dry the bonds


Q: Can I use my regular hair styling products?

A: On your own hair, yes! But not on the extension BONDS. avoid almost all products on the bonds, especially wax, silicone, or glycerin etc… You may however use those products on the mid shaft to the ends of the hair, just not the bonds.


Q: Can I wash my hair everyday?

A: Yes, especially if you hair is on the oily to silky smooth side. Then you MUST, ESPECIALLY IN THE BACK NAPE AREA WASH TWICE and avoid conditioner on the roots and bonded area


Q: I will be traveling somewhere very hot, will it ruin my hair?

A: That’s a tricky one! You HAVE TO WEAR A HAT! Ideally, avoid putting in extensions before you go. There is no guarantee, depending on how hot the weather is, avoid the sun as much as possible, heat can start loosening the bonds which can create shedding. Each case is different, however many of my clients have had No Problems.


Q: Can I use flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers?

A: Yes, just not on the BONDS! Remember heat is how I applied the extensions, and heat will definitely release them. Be very careful with hot tools, especially in the back where you can not see well. Even if you touch the bonds ever so slightly, in time, they will loosen, release, or start shedding, so be extra careful in the back.


Q: Can I take out hair extensions myself

A: No, you must have them taken out professionally otherwise you can damage your hair. Great Lengths are not taken out with heat. We use a special gel remover and instrument.


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