180+ Grams of hair extensions? I'll pass!

I designed a line of clip in hair extensions based on what I needed and what my clients at Studio She® would wear.  100 grams is enough to get the job done and I can only wear 5 of the 7 piece set.  Key words when looking to purchase hair extensions online or in stores:  remy, lightweight, realistic and undetectable!

I ordered a set of hair extensions from a large company based in California.  They have an amazing marketing plan and have partnered with a Celebrity stylist and gorgeous YouTube bloggers.  I was curious to see what the Balayage Ombre clip in hair would look like and feel like.

The texture is great but the Balayage Ombre is more like a dip dye.  It is more of a two tone rather than a melting or slow fade.  The coloring was off because factory color by number is never the same with the United States and Canada.  The set of hair extensions is 9 pieces.  I can only wear 3 pieces and a few small tiny ones for the sides.  I actually had a headache from the pieces and they were heavy and obviously showing.  So much hair that if I would use every piece I would feel like Dawn from Megatron Man.

If you have thick hair and you want more hair then YES go for it.  Most of you are purchasing hair extensions because you want fuller and longer!  We (you and I) don't have thick hair to begin with.  Just saying'.

Custom coloring can never be replicated by a factory.  Further, too much hair is great for the young generation of Instagram and hipsters because they can top it with a trendy hat to cover the obvious wefts of hair.  But totally un-realistic if your looking for something to wear everyday or just to blend with your own hair naturally.

On the flip side, I have custom created extensions for women with already thick and long hair and they wanted more than 100 grams.  That was an easy fix simply by adding one 4 clip piece for the back and the blend always works!

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