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5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

You've seen pictures of your favorite celebrity wearing hair extensions and it's got you thinking that you too can also have thicker fuller hair in a short amount of time!

#1 It's an investment!

(You'll need to treat it as such)

In this industry, you defiantly get what you pay for. Be sure that you also "invest" time into the salon and the stylist offering the service. Make sure that your stylist is certified and has experience working with more than one method of hair extensions.

Be prepared to invest in the right products too. It always amazes me that guests will spend thousands on hair extensions and then use a low-end shampoo as a way of saving money. Hair is a dead fiber and it needs more than high oil and high alcohol.

#2 Book a Consultation

(With A Certified Hair Extension Specialist)

During the consultation be sure that you are offered Remy Human Hair and also check on the origin. Your texture should match the hair extensions which means that the method selected for you may come from a different part of the world.

You should feel confident that you are being offered the best method (there are many) for your hair given your lifestyle, hair texture, and density, and yes, budget.

#3 You'll need to prep and break up with high oil products

At Studio She we are not in the business of washing hair. That said, my guests the night before their apt they need to use a clarifying shampoo. The morning of you'll need to clarify again and only apply conditioner minimally to the mid-shafts and ends. Why twice? Squeaky clean hair removes build-up and allows the bonds to attach to your hair and prolongs the life of the hair extensions.

Why don't we do this step at the salon? I like to save my clients time and money. I also like to help as many women as possible. By arriving with clean dry hair, I can spend more time on the application, cut, and style.

Best Clarifying Shampoo is by Virtue Labs or Neutrogena.

#4 Maintenance Schedule

(Can you commit?)

Fusion Hair Extensions are truly the only method that doesn't require (usually) a 6-8 maintenance routine. Hand Tied Wefts, Beaded Rows, Invisible Rows, Tape Panel Extensions, Cold Fusion, I-tip, and others require maintenance. During this time the extensions are removed and placed higher.

#5 Fresh Color & Coloring With Extensions In

If you're committed to your colorist and want to get your hair extensions applied with a different stylist it's totally possible. I love to work with others and I appreciate loyalty. My advice would be to book your appointments close together. For example, you'll be required to have your hair freshly colored before your service apt. This is so I am attaching to your colored hair, not your natural or grey. With that in mind, each time you have your hair extensions moved up you will want to follow that trend. The best advice is to keep your color appointments within one week of your scheduled hair extensions maintenance appointment.



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