A Little Added Hair Love

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

She is a huge fan of Floggin Molly, a mom of two and pretty much one of the sweetest people to walk through the doors at Studio She®.

What started as a simple color client, evolved into a little hair “addition”.  As simple as adding only 50 strands of She Hair Extensions from ear to ear in under an hour and viola a new person emerges. The method of hair extensions is keratin individual, flat box.

Talking to Becky I learned that she wasn’t born with thin fine hair.  Stress is the number one reason that men and women start to notice their hair thinning and the texture changing. That followed with child birth, medications, diet and nutrition and….menopause can all be reasons why our hair thins out as we age.

After this make-over Becky and a few other ladies from the salon went to enjoy dinner at our local watering hole.  I was just so impressed with the difference that a little boost (hair) can give!  In a world full of challenges and possible stress, we don’t need to have thinning hair to continually remind us of what we are going through.

I am happy to know Becky and be a  part of her re-birth!

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