Boyfriends and hair extensions. The humor and terror!

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

We've all been there...that moment you're dating a new special someone and he's about to put his hand in your hair...a beautiful moment becomes an OH SH*T!

This is my boyfriend and I, I believe on our first weekend get away. It's pretty clear that I wear hair's my job literally and figuratively.

I wasn't blessed in the hair department and to this day I believe it to be my saving grace! I can understand the feelings of my guests at Studio She. I know what it's like to not have a pony tail worth putting up. I also know what it's like to see through the ends of my fine hair wondering why my DNA isn't pumping hair out like the women I see on IG and covers of magazine.

One of the top questions that makes me smile is "what do you tell your husband/boyfriend?". The humor is that we make it such a bigger thing than it actually is, we blush and shy away from something that actually makes us feel amazing. Why is that?! Most men, love it when their partner shows effort in how she cares for herself. If it makes "her feel good" then they could care less. The terror for us is that without them we feel a little less than. I completely understand this because I live it. If my extensions are not in I feel like Stella Lost Her Groove!

So how do you answer this question?! Just simply say, "I have extensions". Own it and move on. You could also say "I spend way too much time trying to make my hair look like I have a ton and extensions save me so much time!". Men get practical and I think this one takes the pressure off the why's!

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