Dry Shampoo made in your kitchen.

As a teenager, my mom referred to baby powder as a "European Shampoo".  To this day, I still am not sure what that means!  I used baby powder on the days I didn't feel like washing my hair.  Seriously, I had zero comprehension of the possible GREATNESS that is now referred to as "dry shampoo".

Bring on 2016 and my bathroom has made a 180-degree turn in the shampoo department. Imagine a product that cleans my scalp/hair, soaks up oil and even better...provides me with VOLUME.  AHHHH music to my ears!

I use dry shampoo on YES, clean days.  It works wonders as a root lifter and my hair resembles that of a Victoria Secret model.  In my mind at least.

My journey to use products that are good for the environment and easy on my pocketbook has led me to something I actually knew all along.  My kitchen has everything I need.

Fill a shaker with either cornstarch, baking soda, cornmeal, flour or ground oatmeal!  Either of these ingredients will pull out the oil.  A few drops of Essential Oil to the mix.  Shake onto the root area.  Brush it into the hair and use a towel to take off the remainder.

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