Easy Steps To Tone Hair Extensions

Purchasing clip in hair extensions online can prove to be a great way to add to your daily look.  One of the challenges about purchasing online is finding the perfect color match.

Using purple brightening shampoo is an easy way of achieving perfect tonal balance.

This little “trick of the trade” is best suited for blondes.  Typically those blondes, and you know who you are, tone hair after color services.  Toning is the quick way to cancel out brassiness or yellow shades that don’t blend with your own hair.  Typically the “blonde” that requires toning is one that prefers her hair platinum, beige or ashy.

Shampoo Toning” is a simple step and solution to blending your hair and hair extensions.

How to tone hair extensions:

*Fill you sink with water

*Add a small amount of toning shampoo to the water and mix until mixed properly

*Place each individual hair extension in the water/shampoo mixture and work it into the hair

*Wait 30+ seconds and rinse and condition

Tip:  Do not rub the toning shampoo directly on the hair extensions.

To dry:   Lay hair extensions flat out on a towel to air dry over night.

To Style:  Use heat protectant spray before styling

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