Studio She is big on breast cancer awareness!  I have worked with many women who have won the battle of breast cancer and I have loved and lost also.  A few weeks ago I had a mammogram and once completed the nurse told me to wait in the waiting room for the images to be reviewed by the doctor.  It was that moment that I realized that it could be me!  Do I have breast cancer?  Will my  life change today, this moment?!  I haven't had a mammogram in years and I didn't remember the waiting process.

1 in 8 women develop invasive breast cancer.  After, what seemed to be the longest 5 minutes of my life, the nurse told me I was in the clear and could leave.  However there was one female that was called into the doctors office, I could feel the energy in the room.  At that moment I felt like I wish it was me...not her.  I felt guilty for being given the green light to walk out of the mammogram center.  A bit surreal.

I have been spending time in Southern California here and there and have been spoiled with hats and t-shirts from WWW.FXCKCANCER.ORG .  While at the airport a man approached me and told me that he is a survivor and his son gave me a hug!  A bartender told me that he loved my hat and I mentioned to him that I don't want to offend anyone but that my hat helps raise awareness and I am a supporter of the organization.  He then said to me that his anger toward cancer surpasses any anger he has for any other disease.  As it turns out he lost his mother to breast cancer!

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