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Guide To Summer Hair Care With Hair Extensions!

It's getting warm out! The sun is shining, the pools are opening and you have vacation coming up!

But... OH NO! You just got hair extensions, or you are thinking about them and you don't know whether or not you will even be able to enjoy the water at all during the summer time.

Well, don't you worry because I am here to tell you, just because you got some new hair doesn't mean you can't enjoy your summer. There are just a few extra steps you may have to take to ensure your hair stays beautiful and healthy.

Before diving into the water, try to get your hair wet with fresh water. Hair extensions are naturally dryer than normal hair so they soak up water relatively quickly. If there is already water in your hair

If there is already water in your hair extensions they won't soak up as much salt water or chlorine.

After enjoy your dip in the ocean or pool, spray some leave in conditioner on the ends to prevent them from getting tangled. A loose braid is also a great style to wear to keep from hair getting tangled and matted.

Don't forget that when you are done spending the day by the water to rinse your hair out with fresh water! You want to get all the salt water, sand and chlorine out of your hair. Think about using a shampoo with some sort of UV/solar protection in it.... after all your skin isn't the only thing that needs protecting.

I love all of the virtue products... which incorporate UV/solar protection to help with fading color, drying and other damaging effects cause the sun rays.

Now that you have learned the ways to protect you hair extensions in water, you are ready to put the tiny bikini on and go swimming!

Take the next step towards fabulous hair!

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