Hair Extension Factory Tour Complete

Thinking of starting your own line of hair extensions? Think again! After traveling to China and visiting several factories, including the main factory for Sally's beauty supply, it became obvious that the hair extension business is one big grey area.

While overseas, our limitations to social media and blogging were unexpected. Happy to be home and on our own soil. That said, our trip to China was eye-opening. Everyone was more than accommodating.

Our days were filled with factory tours, meetings, and eccentric lunches. Two translators, 5 factories, including the main factory for Sally's beauty supply which was a bit of a downer. The packaging promises 100% Remy hair but I can promise you it's not.

My diet consisted of tea and rice. I was not as open minded with eating as my associates. I made the mistake of mentioning that I wanted to have "authentic" Chinese food. My own stupidity, thinking that authentic meant fried rice and Sweet & Sour Chicken. I felt like Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods; without the desire to actually eat anything in front of me.

I took this photo while standing at the very prestigious food buffet. All the sudden I wasn't hungry and found myself craving an American hamburger and fries. :)

Our food for the entire week was nothing I would want to try again, in this life or the next.

At the end of the trip I can honestly say that I have made some serious memories, and have very strong thoughts about importing raw materials from over seas. I also learned about being a female business owner and what that means in a communist country such as China.

However, what was most important to me was making sure that the staff are treated well. I flew home knowing that if I was to employ one of the factories that I would have a chance to feed over 50 men and women living in a part of the world that's typically struggling for basic needs.

UPDATE: I did end up placing a very large order and when it arrived to the US it didn't pass the quality test. I have written a blog about this heart breaking experience.

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