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Hair Extensions and Your Natural Hair

New to hair extensions and your just not sure if they will blend with your natural hair?

Achieving a natural-looking blend with your natural hair can be a bit tricky. If done right, no one will ever be able to tell!

To avoid that dreaded mullet look, the key is to ensure that your extensions don’t exceed double the length and volume of your natural hair. If your natural hair is shoulder-length, don’t go for extensions that reach your waist in one go. Gradually build up the length to keep the look balanced and natural.

If your short... You can get away with shorter hair extensions, and them still being long due to your height! ;)

Hair extension Mullett

Color matching is absolutely crucial. Even the best quality extensions will look off if they don’t match your natural hair color. Stop trying to fight what's in your DNA and work with what your hair color is (highlights included) This will ensure a seamless blend, and help with it also looking good weeks after your salon visit!

A good cut is essential for blending hair extensions with your natural hair. Layers can make a huge difference. By cutting the extensions to match the layers of your natural hair, you’ll achieve a more cohesive look. Always seek a professional stylist who understands how to cut and blend extensions effectively.

There’s never just an “easy” install where you’re good to go. Proper installation is critical. Extensions need to be placed in a way that they blend smoothly with your natural hair. This often requires meticulous sectioning and strategic placement to ensure a natural flow and movement.

To avoid looking unnatural, match the length and volume of extensions to your natural hair. Color matching is crucial for a seamless look. A good cut with layers is essential for blending extensions effectively. Proper installation is critical for a smooth blend. Seek a professional stylist for the best results.


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