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Hair Extensions Pros & Cons

(I mean if you must ask...let's just say that you'll be wishing you did it sooner!)

I want to say that the PRO's outweigh the CON's. However, it really starts with selecting the right hair extensions professional so she/he can select the best method for you based on your unique DNA.

Here is a generic-ish blog, if you're just curious and not sure about the commitment.


  • Can add length and fullness to your natural hair

  • Can be used to add highlights or lowlights without using chemicals

  • Can be styled and treated like natural hair

  • Can be easily removed

  • Can completely change your life and helps build confidence

  • Can help grow out a bad hair cut

  • Can help break you out of wearing your hair up all the time

  • Can give you a "style" and a volume/length that are flattering to your profile/features


  • Can cause damage to your natural hair, especially if not applied or maintained properly

  • May require frequent maintenance, such as tightening or removal and reattachment

  • May not blend well with your natural hair, especially if the color or texture is significantly different

  • Can be uncomfortable to wear, especially if the extensions are applied using a method that puts pressure on the scalp

  • Can be time-consuming to apply and remove

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