Victoria Secret Models Love Hair Extensions

We love to love them....but what about the Victoria Secret models do we love the most?  If I had to pick only one thing I would hands down say "their hair".  What's a great body without great hair?!  Good point right?!

It would appear that each model was blessed with all the extras....body, hair, perfect smile and alluring looks.  But alas the hours of the gym, personal trainers and living on egg whites is only part of the work.  Being beautiful and looking that good is hard work.  As an ex-fitness model, I remember the countless hours in the gym and the thought of chicken breast and fish day in and day out used to be a little depressing.  

Back Stage At Victoria Secret!

What's not a the common use of hair extensions.  Yes, the ladies of Victorias Secret rock clip in hair extensions just like us.  Hours in the gym and healthy eating can't give us the hair that we want or deserve.  Thankfully, this little note of information means that they are human too!  Feels good to know that they have to add a little "here and there" to have the locks we all wish we were born with.

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