Happy New Year from Studio She®

I am back from my Christmas and New Year holiday.  Rested and hey my hands actually feel rested too!!....what a concept!

Lots of wonderful things ahead for 2017.  A new art studio in Los Angeles is under way which will double as a training studio for stylists from around the globe! I have also joined forces with a Social Media expert that ables me to spend more time creating custom ombre and sombre hair extensions and spend more time with my guests at the Studio She®.  Blogs will be written by two of us now...which means more information and constant flow of awesomeness.

Here is a photo that was taken last month before my first "well deserved" holiday of the year!  I say "well deserved" because typically, I work 6-7 days per week and at times I push a 13 hour days and going to bed is more like passing out on the couch! :)...with my shoes still on.

Thank you for a great 2016 and I am SO looking forward to a colorful 2017!

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