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How Long Will It Take To Get Used To My Hair Extensions?

You've finally taken the plunge and you love your new look, but, you have this new "feeling" associated with your hair extensions. Simply put, you're just not used to them.

So, how long will it take to get used to these hair extensions?

Well, there isn't a standard answer. For some of us, we hardly notice. For others it seems to really be a 'thing".

For example: I can think of a few clients of mine who LOVE their hair extensions when they are new, they love the feeling of having them closer to the scalp. It gives them a feeling of security. Others are the extreme opposite. They love the extensions when they are grown out and actually push off their maintenance and removal apts.

Natural hair growth, daily habits, and a variety of other factors will affect the initial installation.  Expect that your new set of hair extensions will have to adapt to your head and your daily habits.

So how long until you get used to them? A standard answer from me to you, is just wait a week and if it's still bothering you then reach out to your stylist! There isn't any perfect method of hair extension. You'll always feel "something" and what's important is that you give them time to settle.

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