How NOT to apply Hair Extensions

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

The bottom line is you never want others to know that "your hair" isn't your hair.

RULE:  You should only double in length and double in volume.  Otherwise, you will have a mullet.

Epic mullet moments are certainly great for a laugh....only!

RULE:  Application to close to the hairline is a) damaging to the natural hair and b) obvious! What do you do if you have short hair and want to extend it with hair extensions?!  The application should be at least 1" around the perimeter of the hairline and make friends with good ol' fashioned bobby pins.  The hair needs to grow and adding stress to fragile hair never works!

I adore Victoria Beckham but this application of fusion keratin individual hair extensions is completely wrong!

RULE:  Rolling bonds is a big NO in my books.  Her stylist should have cut the bonds in half FIRST, taken a smaller section and flat boxed around her natural hair.  Lastly, going to high with placement is always a recipe for disaster.

OH, Britney!  What were you thinking?!  Or were you thinking?  Tape hair extensions are wonderful especially when you need a quick fix.  But here's the deal...Why wouldn't she wear a low ponytail to hide her extensions?...

RULE:  Placement is everything.  I would haven't placed tape hair extensions that close to her temples and would have mixed mini fusion keratin bonds to blend her natural hair and the hair extensions properly.

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