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How To Care For Fusion Keratin Bonded Extensions

Just got your new fusion keratin bonded extensions installed and not sure how to take care of them?

Here are some tips we suggest following to maintaining great hair health with fusion bonded hair extensions.

Don’t run your hot tool over the bond: Running your hot tool over the bond can reset the bond over and over again. In the long run that can cause damage during the removal process.

No high oil products: High oil products can cause the bonds to slip out of place causing them to fall out. Especially if you are putting the oil on your roots... Not sure why you do that to begin with LOL!

Brush before you wash: Starting from the ends of your hair and working your way up to the top

Don't go to bed with wet hair: NEVER EVER go to bed with hair... this will cause matting and knotting of your hair which will cause damage and maybe even cutting of your natural hair.

Wet before getting in the ocean or swimming: Before swimming put your hair in a low loose braid and then wet with fresh water. This will prevent your hair and hair extensions from absorbing any harsh chemicals.

Secure low braid with scrunchies

Air dry or blow dry till your hair is about 75% + dry: The hair is strong before even trying to brush. When your hair is wet is it in a more fragile state and will stretch more damaging your hair.

Shampoo the roots: Try not to shampoo the ends of your hair, it can cause your ends to dry out. The shampoo running down as you are rinsing it out will clean the ends.

Condition your ends: Only condition from midshaft to ends, do not condition your roots this will cause your hair to become oily and cause slippage.

Don't use permanent color if trying to do it on your own: Although it is highly not recommended to try and color on your own we know life happens. Just know coloring your hair with things that are not professional can cause damage in itself

Wet Dry Brush is suggested: They are super affordable and gets the job done. Plus if you forget it somewhere it’s not the end of the world as if it’s a Mason Pearson.

Even though these are things suggested to do with hair extensions, all of these apply to anyone without extensions as well. These benefit both you natural hair and hair extensions.

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