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I received a message from Amanda that she is going to Cambodia to join forces with the Justice and Soul Foundation, and wanted to know if I could donate anything to help off set the cost of her two month volunteering trip.

This organization focuses on the awareness and elimination of sexual exploitation of young women and children globally as well as the restoration of the survivors.

This is the first I have learned about the non-profit Justice and Soul, so I spent more time than I am willing to admit researching and learning about who they are and what they offer.  I have even spoken to a film producer to see if she would like to create her own documentary to help support this cause and bring some type of knowledge forward!  I am a bit obsessed to say the least.

I also found a wonderful article in Salon Today Magazine featuring the Justice and Soul Foundation.

Yes!, I have sponsored Amanda, what a wonderful opportunity for her and I can't wait to learn more about her travels and how it will change her life...forever!

The Vision of the Justice & Soul Foundation:

To transform the lives of trafficked young women and children globally into confident, self-sufficient and financially independent individuals.

(There are 12.3 million humans in the world that are being trafficked.  And 60% of them are children.)

The Mission:

Teaching, inspiring and building esteem in those who have been enslaved in trafficking.

Establish a school to teach the fundamentals of cosmetology (hair, skin, nails and makeup).

Hire qualified therapists to address the trauma experienced by the victims as well as providing problem solving and life skills necessary for independence and a full transition.

Students attending the school will not pay tuition but will instead be awarded scholarships. The program will also include a compensation plan for the students so that they can begin experiencing financial independence while learning this valuable trade.

Interested in Volunteering, Teaching or being an awesome Advocate for Justice and Soul?

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