Lily Aldridge Hair Secret

I am a big fan of Lily Aldridge.  Mostly because off camera she is always sporting Free People clothing which also embodies my walk-in closet.  She has a boho vibe and her beauty is flawless, with or without makeup. I am also a stalker of Tracey Cunningham, her colorist. (Don't worry Tracey, it's only on social media lol).

Her hair secret?  She is madly in love with the ombre and sombre.  In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, she mentioned that she loves the look because it is "beachy".  Her hair secret is her colorist (Tracey Cunnigham) and Omega 3 vitamins.

Lily also is a Victoria Secret model and wears clip-in extensions to achieve the "Angel" look while shooting for future ad campaigns and runway looks.

Photo to the right is a set of custom hair extensions made at Studio She. The buyer sent us this photo of Lily Aldridge and we custom colored all 7 pieces of clip in hair extensions to match her base color, while using this photo as inspiration.

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