Studio She Extensions VS Store Bought Extensions

Many buyers inquire about the brand of hair extensions sold online and in the salon.  They also want to compare our quality vs Sally’s Beauty Supply and other retailers.

Here are the reasons why our hair can’t be compared…

1) Typically hair sold in beauty supply stores is from China.  It has been chemically treated and after just a few washes it will start to tangle and knot.  The only pro to using Asian hair is that it is less expensive for obvious reasons.

2) We are a 100% Remy human hair supplier.  Our competition typically practices false advertising with claims of REMY or Remi hair.  How do we know this? We have spoken (in person) to the main factory that supplies Sally’s and other retailers. I travelled to Quindao, China and what I learned was shocking! When I asked for 100% Remy hair, the response was that the hair doesn’t need to be 100% remy because it is clipped in and out?!  I highly disagree with this statement but I can understand that a large chain like Sally’s is trying to keep costs down so they can sell more clip in hair extensions.

How is Studio She Hair Extensions different?

I am biased but I've been around long enough to know what's on the market. These extensions are designed by myself. From the collection or hair, to the way they are delicately sewn onto a weft. Although double wefted the wefts are lightweight. I also use the smallest silicone lined clips that provide great hold but don't bulk up or create damage. The hair texture stays the same the first day and months later. The first time you touch and feel Studio She hair you will know. It is soft and light weight. Our hair is realistic looking and blends perfectly with medium to fine texture hair.

Studio She Extensions have a life of at least a year!  Our buyers testimonials tell the honest truth and typically those buyers continue to buy each and every year. Which means the store has great client retention. I like to say based on the price and amazing quality, Studio She Hair Extensions trump the competition.  Most sets of hair extensions will only last a few months and begin to knot and tangle within a few washes.

*Studio She Clip In Extensions are created with 100+ grams of Indian Remy human hair. Each piece is light weight and hand crafted.  Clips are small and designed to grip the hair without harming the integrity of the natural hair. These sets of clip in hair extensions aren't for those that are trying to cram 200+ grams of hair into the head.  

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