Pin Up Momma Rockin Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions by Studio She®

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

What can I say?!  I love this chick!  Her handle is #pinupmommma  and she is true to her name.  Her goal was to create a set of clip in hair extensions that would add volume and slight length but more so add to her already look which was an ombre. Her challenge with her own hair is that her ends were impossible to lift to a blonde tone.  As a stylist and female with challenged hair ... I totally understand the because my own hair is much like that. The difference is that my hair would break off before giving me the blonde tone I was in search for.  I know this because I so badly wanted the ombre last summer. Instead I was left with broken ends….but luckily hair extensions always fix my hair drama.

Here is what she said

I just had to take a second to tell you just how much I LOVE these!!!! I finally have the ombrè I’ve been trying so hard to attain. They were well worth the wait and you did a phenomenal job matching my color!! thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

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