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Reusable vs. One-Time Use: Exploring Different Types of Hair Extensions

Are you interested in hair extensions? Do you already have them? Are you trying to find a way to get the best bang for your buck with hair extensions?... Aren't we all, lol!

There are many methods of hair extensions, so let's take a look at the ones you can reuse and the ones that are one and done!

Reusable Hair Extensions: Most hair extensions methods the hair can be reused, the difference is some stylist don't reusse the hair for some methods due to underlying reasons. Reusable also depends on the quality of the hair - they can say this hair can be reused this many times and depending on the quality... It definitely won't last that long! With proper care and maintenance these bad boys are in it for the long run - making it a great investment!

One Time Use Hair Extensions: These are perfect for a one time thing, an event or short term glam fix. They could be great for a special occasion, but may no be ideal ideal for long term use!

Reusable Hair Extensions:

Hand Tied Wefts: This hair can last over a year if it is good quality, and they are taken care of correctly! Maintenance for these are every 6-8 weeks.

Tape - Ins: Same as the hand tied wefts, the hair is reusable as long as they are taken care of and maintenance is every 6-8 weeks.

I Tips/Microlinks: These are installed by silicone or metal beads making the hair reusable and easy to reinstall! Maintenance every 6-8 weeks.

One Time Use: This hair may be reusable, but can only be worn for a certain amount of time before being taken out!

Clip Ins: These are great for special events, or a kick fix! Clip ins can last for a long time because they are worn for the even and then taken out - If it is real hair you can count on these bad boys lasting for years! (Make sure to never wear these to bed)

Halo: These use a wire, that sit on top of the head. They don't use any clips, beads or sewing to be installed so it is easy to be removed and installed when need. (Make sure to never wear these to bed)

Hair Toppers: Depending on the design - some of them are able to be reused, others are design to be worn for events, or as needed.

Temporary Glue in Extensions: These are great for a special events, if you feel you need something more secure that the clip ins or halo extensions. They are typically used for short term wear.


Ktips, Keratin Bonds, Warm Fusion: These are going in their own category because every stylist does things differently. At Studio She Salon we never reuse this hair... But the hair last 4-5 months with no salon maintenance, only at home care. Other stylist are okay with reusing this hair. In order to reuse this hair, after removal the bonds are broken down so they need to be cut off, shortening the length of the hair everytime this is done! After the broken down bonds are removed each strand of hair is rebonded with new keratin. It's a timely and tedious process.

In the end, whether you lean towards reusable extensions or opt for one-time wonders depends on your lifestyle, preferences, and styling needs. Most of these methods can be great options, it is your choice to choose what method you think would best suit you!

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