The She Hair Halo (Volumizer) is the answer to so many hair challenges!  Here is the most recent testimony from one of the gals who wears the hand made Halo Hair Extensions sold in my little shop on Etsy.

This is beyond beautiful!!!!! The perfection of the hair quality and the color is magnificent. When I put it on I was transformed!! Probably the best purchase I have ever made. The creator, Nina is a very easy, delightful person to work with!! Thank you so much Nina, my second order is forthcoming! Sincerely, Laura Reeves

While working on R&D for the Studio She brand, I’ve noticed a lot of products that are quiuckly becoming obatinable to the masses yet don’t solve the problem at hand!  Like a great idea that was never fully brouth out into fruition.  Or created by someone who doesn’t have hair challenges like myself.

What is The She Hair Halo?

Quad weft, sewn and layered onto lightweight lace.  Only one piece so it makes application easy and truly is a no brainer.  

*Custom Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye or solid colors are available.

The issues with the compeition who claim their hair halo is “the best”….


(Thereby shows and obviously looks like an extension)


(Unable to add heat for styling, will melt when you try.  Also is shinier than natural hair)

-Non Remy

(90% of hair on the market is NOT Remy.  Which leads to a hot tangled mess and it will not last)

-Textile Dye

(Typically will look a little hollow in color, fades out to a green hue and blonde tones usually are warm, green or orange-ish)

-Non Adjustable Wire

(We all are unique and our heads are not the same size so without an adjustable wire the halo is NOT secure)

-Not Available in Rooted, Dip Dye or Balayage.  Zero opportunity to customize your order.

(Factories do NOT take the time to hand paint/color and those that do typically show strong lines of demarkation)

*Tomorrow I will launch Part Two Showing How to Apply the She Hair Halo Hair Extensions

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