Hey what can I say….sometimes a little free press goes a long way!

I remember when Lisa Roden from Nosh contacted me.  Her energy was easy to navigate … as were the questions that she asked me.

There is something to be said about working with my hands day in and day out that only other artists understand.  Usually by day 5 without a day off my hands are cramping and my shoulders are killing me.  But something about the passion that lives inside of me forges me to keep on movin’ on!

My journey with the online store has been interesting.  Many ups’, downs, and sideways moments.  Hair is a dead fiber and it just doesn’t react the same each and every time.  Also, color requires heat for activation and without heat from the head it makes the process unique and at times challenging.

Which brings me to working on sets of hair extensions in the winter time!  Ah-yes the season that is against me.  Studio She is in the antique district which also means I don’t have central air or heat.  The salon is either really cold or really hot.  The heat is controlled by a different floor for the whole building.

So what does someone do in this situation?!  Go west child! :)  Head to the sunshine…which is how Studio She hair extensions was born in sunny California.

To read more about the process and this wonderful blog just click here

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