The Thyroid and Thinning Hair

A moment of truth when your doctor diagnoses YOU with a Thyroid issue.  YUP, we are one of 12% of women in the US that have a thyroid issue.

How has my thyroid effected my health?….I feel pretty good for an over worker/over achiever!  I have friends with thyroid issues that are much worse so I try and be grateful and pro-active!   It has however effected my fertility which is emotionally taxing.  I have always had thin fine hair which I’ve managed to simply accept.  

How does your thyroid effect hair?  Well not to be the barer of bad news but either your hair is thinning from having an over active or under active thyroid OR it’s happening as a “side-effect” from taking the medication.  Total bummer!

Here is a link for helpful information

Lucky for me I import some of the best hair in the world so hair extensions are a part of my daily life.  If you suffer with a bad thyroid,  you should consider hair extensions to add to your daily confidence.  There isn’t a need for length as much as there is a need for volume.

On a good note, my dear friend Becky came to me with Hashimotos and at the time her hair was very thin. In the past few years she has upped her protein intake, started supplementing her diet and uses Collagen Powder (Vital Protein)daily.

Her hair is 100% thicker and healthier. I am not a doctor but the facts that this worked for her are mind blowing.

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