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Transform Your Hair Extensions with These Simple At-Home Maintenance Tips

It may seem that maintaining hair extensions can be a daunting task... Well I am here to debunk that because all of these maintenance tips you're about to learn or not only great for you hair extensions but your natural hair as well.

No matter the hair extension method, maintaining them at home is a must.

Think of hair extensions like a car... You make an investment that needs to be maintained or else it won't work right. If your hair extensions aren't maintained, they won't last nearly as long as they could, and it could cause major damage!

Here are some game-changing tips for maintaining those luscious locks:

Gentle Detangling: When brushing our hair, start at the ends and work your way up! I mean... It has got to hurt trying to rip through your hair when you start from the top!:)

Silk Pillowcases: Upgrade your sleep game with silk pillowcases. They reduce friction, minimizing tangles, AND help with anti aging (which we all want)!

Avoid Heat Overload: When it comes to heat styling you may find that you wear your hair more natural after hair extensions! But when it comes time to styling choose between ONE heat tool. ALWAYS use heat protectant. For all my blondes out there if you find your hair extensions turning yellow, you're either not using heat protectant or you styling tool is to hot!! This goes for everyone, keep your styling tools 350 degrees and below!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Extensions don't get natural oils like your real hair. Keep them nourished with a sulfate-free, hydrating shampoo and conditioner. A conditioning mask once a week will help lock moisture in!

Mind the Bonds: If you have bonded extensions, be cautious around the attachment points. You want to keep ALL styling tools away from your bonds. Back in the day when heat was put on the bonds they would just slip out. Now when the bond are reheated, they are rebonded to the hair and can trap heat in the bonds, causing excessive heat on the hair inside the bonds.

Regular Maintenance Checks: Keep an eye on the bonds or wefts. If anything feels off, consult your stylist to see what could be going on. Maintenance appointments should be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or 4 to 5 months depending on the method.

Products: Be sure you are using products that are safe for your hair and hair extensions. Hair extensions can tend to dry out easily, especially if you aren't using the right products.

Workouts: We have a handful of clients that are into crossfit and working out. So we are not here to tell to not wear your hair back or up during these workouts! When it comes time to wear your hair out of your face, there are a couple styles that we recommend! The first one being you can wear your hair in a low braid or ponytail. Or if you wear your hair on top of your head - be sure to take it out as soon as you can after your workout!

There you have it, it's not as daunting as it may seem! And after a while it will become a habit and not a second thought in your mind!!

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