Trichotillomania and Hair extensions

Trichotillomania:  A compulsive desire to pull out one's hair.

10 million Americans suffer and the condition is larger than you can imagine.  Our culture is obsessed with hair!

If you have Tric or know someone who has Tric, my heart goes out to you!  Since the birth of Studio She®, it has brought some new and valuable learning lessons.  As a company that specializes in hair additions, it would appear that my training for Trichotillomania was non-existent.  Barely talked about but very concerning... is this disorder.

I remember the first young lady to share her story.  The second older lady.....The third young girl.....I remember most of them actually.  Why?  Because as much as we all have "issues", Tric is one of the few disorders that there isn't any prescribed medication.  To sum it up, Tric can happen to anyone at any age.  Brough on by a traumatizing life event that has consumed the brain and pulling hair releases a serotonin that creates comfort OR it is brought on by stress.  They actually say the cause is a mystery and 90% of those with Tric are female.

To date, I have a handful of clients who drive quite a distance to Studio She. They come to see me because they trust me and they are confident that I will bring them comfort NOT judgement.

I have guests who's scalp and hair tell a story.  I know when she/he is going through a tough time at home/work/personal all by the patches left behind.

Often I am asked if hair extensions are an option for those with this hair pulling disorder.  As an educator, I teach that hair extension can either help or make the situation worse.  In this case, you are better to apply a few test strands and wait a week. For those that have less than 50% of hair remaining....medical grade adhesives and partial wigs are a great option.

BUT I have also witnessed this not working for one particular lady and it was heartbreaking for both of us.

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