Volumizing Shampoo ruined my hair extensions!

It would seem suiting that Volumizing products would be a YES! But I am here to say they are absolutely a NO.

Recently I went to an Aveda salon in New York City! My now ex boyfriend was taking me on a date and I wanted bigger, sexier hair. So, I booked a blowout.  The stylist was wonderful and suggested we try their new Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner.  My first instinct was that this could be a bad thing but her enthusiasm for this new product was sweet.  My instinct was right, my extensions have not been the same since.  Opening the cuticle as little or as much as it did, was harmful to my hair extensions.  Dry is an understatement!  Even the ends needed to be trimmed 2 inches.

Volumizing products and Hair Growth Stimulator products open/raise the cuticle.  This causes tangling and also the extensions to dry out.

Looking for volume @ the root level and feeling a little discouraged?  Just use a root lifter where extensions are not attached!

*The photo above is from an SNL skit.

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