We Made The First Cut! Shark Tank Tv Show

Updated: Sep 17, 2018

It has been a real whirl wind since Studio She® has been contacted by Shark Tank TV show. The preparations for the show, the application forms, background checks, financial statements and samples took time and passion to complete. As did filming the audition/interview for two half days in the salon while managing clients, online orders and life!

This photo titling "Blow Your Mind Open Your Heart" is fitting for me because I am very invested in my company, brand and helping women. My heart is and always will be more for those women who need a little extra “lift” in their day.

One of the best things about being a stylist is that I have the opportunity to help women achieve a stronger sense of self. It doesn’t always have to be about hair, and sometimes it isn’t at all.

Taking time out for each other and to listen from the heart makes solid relationships and in my opinion a successful business!

Years ago someone told me to not get involved in a business that I had too much love or passion for. I was confused to say the least. But I understand the separation between business and emotions. However, my love and passion to create a line of customized hair extensions, volumizers and accessories is based on my own lack of self esteem. I wasn’t born with thick hair, well actually I was but as I have grown it resembles more of my mother, which is fine baby hair. *sorry mom!  I have taken a personal and yes emotional insecurity and created a business!  That combined with my love for color and viola I created an honest brand.  The road has not been easy but I've never given up!

I’ve  learned more about myself while filling out the paper work for Shark Tank than I can explain.  The audition/interview was also stressful.  Weird things happen when the camera’s turn on...“deer in the headlights” LOL.  In the end it was an awesome experience.  I highly suggest this tv show to anyone who is an Inventor/Entrepreneur. You learn a sh*t ton about business and international ventures.

Although the process is stressful it helped me see the light in a different way, after all Studio She® has been in business for 7 years.

Get your goals on paper, realize your financial placement and truly look at what you have built or want to build from the ground up. Basically it’s the business plan that most of us don’t take the time to do.  It’s worth it and you can’t go wrong with being around investors that will sky rocket your business into something unimaginable.  I’m elated to be in the running and if nothing else the lessons and process are truly eye opening!

UPDATE: We didn't make the show as the gals from Cashmere Hair were chosen. In the end, Cashmere didn't have any offers on the table and didn't get the deal. Great publicity for them either way.

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