Custom Ombre & Balayage Extensions

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

I spend countless hours building my brand.  Which equates to mad hours on the internet.  I have to know the 5 w’s of all and any competitor. WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY?!

Leigh and I travelled to New York and met a representative visiting from overseas. 

She brought me a sample/replica of one of our “Hot Sellers” of ombre hair extensions.  Not only was the fade a straight line, the colors were way off.  Before I had the chance to tell her I was disappointed, she told me the factory would not accept any of my designs because it would take too much time to create.  I wanted the consumer to be able to have great quality product, fast! Basically what she was saying is that they couldn't copy my work which was obvious but also a downer. I wanted to be able to give buyers product FASTER.

When buyers complain about waiting 7-10 business days for production, we know that they don’t quite grasp how long it takes to make each order.  Hey, we tried to have them mass produced and we learned quickly that it’s impossible.  Our ombre hair extension designs have to be done by hand with professional techniques and methods that create the slow and perfect flawless fade.

The bottom line, this is bespoke and limited edition.  We are artists.  We love formulating. We are not a factory.  When someone asks Leigh and I how long it takes to make each set, we laugh and say “as long as it takes!”. We've proudly created over 2000 sets of custom colored hair extensions and have also had the pleasure of working with Celebrity Stylists, Performers and Actresses.

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