Wen? ….Never! A stylist's honest review of Wen Hair Care

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Chaz Wen claims that his products are amazing!  Ok sure – sure.  But what took me by surprise was his most recent info-mercial with Brooke Burke and other celebrities claiming that Wen works wonders on hair extensions.

A rule of thumb is that high oil OR any oil for that matter can cause hair extensions to loosen and shed.   A few years ago a great friend of mine came into the salon with amazing things to say about Wen Fig Cleansing Cream.  Although I didn’t see anything amazing about her hair or her extensions, what I did notice is that her fusion hair extensions were slipping and falling out.

I am a big fan of knowledge and I don’t claim to know everything so when I saw the recent Wen commercial and the focus of hair extensions and his products, I became intrigued.  Is it possible I have been missing the boat on an amazing product?!

I have been using this product for 10 days.  I have also been wearing a hat for the past.  Lucky it is the winter time and my attire is seasonally working for me.  My hair, although shiny, is oily.  The claim that Wen is a color protectant could be true if your hair is dark or red but my highlights are now brassy and my hair appears darker from the high oil in the cleanser.  My tape hair extensions are slipping and today I removed 4 of them without a removal solution.  My hair feels like there are layers of product attached to my cuticle and when I try and rinse off the cleanser my hair still feels coated.

Conclusion:  Totally not for me and not for anyone wearing tape, fusion, i-tip, u-tip or hair extensions.  Possibly great for those without hair extensions or those that clip in.  But at the same time, I am not even sure how that is possible with the coat it leaves on the hair.

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