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What are the Best Hair Extensions for me?

Scanning the internet leads you to believe that there are many methods of hair extensions! How can you choose what's best for you? It can be exhausting and a huge time waster!

The answer is, you shouldn't be "the one" choosing!

It's true there are 8 methods of hair extensions and a few out there that never seemed to stick (Brazilian Knotting would be one of them). Finding your dream stylist will take some work. I suggest spending more time searching for the right salon/stylist than worrying about which method you think best suits your hair type. Leave that up to the professionals!

What to consider? I refer to this as the three E's.

Education, experience, and energy! Obviously, the more experienced the stylist the better off you'll be. Ask key questions such as how long they've been offering hair extensions and what methods they are certified in? Ask for photos and check out their social media pages. As for energy, we all know that positive energy attracts positive vibes. The last thing you need is a stylist that makes you feel as if you're an inconvenience.

A qualified hair extension professional can offer the correct method and application-based facts such as lifestyle, texture, and color of your hair and budget. Choosing the wrong extension professional can lead to damaged hair, wasted time, a hit to your wallet, and a chip on your shoulder about the hair extension industry.


Christina Jones is a true pioneer in the hair extensions industry investing the past twenty years carving an indelible mark, both as a creative business owner and as an International Educator.

Christina Jones takes an independent approach, which is not tied to one specific vendor but rather a vendors list offering an overview of all processes, products, and techniques available. This approach enables the stylist to learn how to create a wide range of different looks on a variety of hair types while not locking into only one company/brand or method.

Her "Tell All" Hair Extensions Training Program - is based on 15+ years of experience working with women who suffer from medical hair loss, or simply those that want more volume and length.

These classes are developed to teach non-aggressive methods (no glue - no damage) of hair addition while also learning how to build a solid foundation for a successful business!

Christina was awarded "Woman of the Year!", by the National Association of Professional Women. She also Volunteers with the Look Good Feel Better program hosting "Wigs & Headcoverings" zoom webinars for women who currently receive Cancer treatments.


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