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Which products are best for hair extensions?

What products should I use? I love this question because often clients will spend thousands on extensions and then use high oil, high sulfate shampoo that their husband and everyone else uses. 

Most shampoos have harsh detergents that deposit chemicals within the cuticle layers and will not completely rinse out.  This will leave the hair dry and crisp feeling. 

What to look for: Sulfate-free shampoo with moisturizing properties! And if you can find paraben-free then that's double awesome. I am a huge advocate for Virtue Labs products made in the USA.

It's recommended that you don't use volumizing products on your hair extensions. However, because I work with amazing quality hair extensions, it's possible to use a volumizing shampoo and a restorative conditioner.

*The theory as to why you're NOT to use volumizing products is due to the fact that the ingredients actually open the cuticle, thereby creating volume. If you have lesser quality hair extensions, you'll notice that the hair will start to knot and tangle.

As always you'll need thermal protectant products to protect your hair from any heat damage. It's also vital for your extensions, considering the amount of chemical processing prior to packaging.

My top three products for my hair when I am wearing hair extensions is

Virtue Labs Full Shampoo

Virtue Labs Restorative Conditioner

Virtue Labs Split Ends Serum












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