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Should You Avoid Getting Hair Extensions?

Curious if you're a candidate for hair extensions?

First things first. If your hair is less than 5 inches, then I would say you're not a candidate. OR if you have 5+ inches but your hair is cut short at the nape of the neck.

TIP: Measure from the nape of the neck or directly above the ear.

Anyone who has active hair loss should never get hair extensions as wearing them could mask what is happening with the natural hair and delay any action taken to treat the hair loss.

Over-processed, damaged hair! If you've been bleaching your roots and your hair feels like wet spinach... extensions are not for you.

If you can't commit to caring for your extensions and you think that using box color, cheap shampoo's, and going to bed with wet hair is a "thing".

If you have thin, fine hair and your scalp is showing.

(Try topical scalp concealers such as Super Million Hair and DermMatch)

You should also avoid hair extensions if you aren't prepared to invest in good hair! At the end of the day, you want your hair to blend with the extensions and it's vital that they don't knot and tangle. Hair is a dead fiber and the creation of hair extensions is very labor-intensive and any reputable company will follow each step with quality assurance.

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