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Why Are Hair Extensions So Expensive?

When I googled "top hair extensions questions" and "cheap extensions," I found a lot of misconceptions. What many people don't realize is the intricate journey hair extensions go through to reach the United States. Each set of hair extensions involves the hands of over 50 individuals before it even gets to the salon for your installation.

Here’s the detailed process:

The journey starts with the donation or collection of hair. Then it is transported to various locations and resold... often several times. In the factory the hair undergoes a color leaching process that can take weeks if done by a reputable company. The hair is then bonded, sewn or taped into the hair extensions, then cut to the desired length.

After that lengthy process the extensions are packaged and prepared for resale. Typically the hair is resold through a third party. Finally the hair reaches a larger American-based company before making its way to you and me.

When you're considering the difference between cheap and luxury hair extensions, all these crucial steps are often significantly reduced or skipped altogether in cheaper options. Cheap hair is usually flash bleached and colored in just a few hours, leading to a lower quality product. The hair often isn’t kept in the same state as collected (Remy), resulting in knotted and tangled extensions. Moreover, there's a high chance that cheap hair wasn’t ethically sourced, which is incredibly disheartening.

At Studio She, we only work with reputable importers who take their time from collection to production. Our hair extensions last for over a year, whereas cheap extensions might only last a few months, if that.

The more you know about the process, the more you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship and effort that goes into high-quality hair extensions.


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