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How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Healthy and Beautiful during Springtime

Spring is coming up and there are some things you should be doing to protect your hair with warmer weather around the corner!

I know what you're thinking... Is it really that serious? I have to change my maintenance as the weather changes too? Well no, you don't have to do anything if you don't care about the money you invested into yourself or if you don't care about having ratchet hair... LOL!

I will give you some EASY step to follow for the spring time coming up!

Hydration baby: Think of your hair like flowers needing to bloom... They both crave moisture.Just as flowers need water to bloom, your hair extensions crave moisture. Use a hydrating mask once a week, and high quality products.

Sun exposure no more: You hair extensions will soak u the sun like a sponge soaks up water. Protect your hair using products with spf. When going into tanning beds, you also want to place a towel over hair!

STOP brushing your hair when it's wet: This goes for all season, but i'm going to talk about it because not many people know! Your hair stretches up to 45% when it's wet. So when you brush your hair wte, it stretches and will damage it. Wait until your hair is 75% dry to brush through it.

If your hair is dirty... Wash It: If you are "oil training" your hair... STOP. wash your when it's dirty, or your hair follicles will become clogged and there is no room for your hair to grow.

Just remember, when the flowers start blooming, your hair maintenance changes! Not much, but just enough to keep your hair healthy all season long!

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