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How To Prepare For Hair Extensions

Thanks to Pinterest you've created a vision board of your dream hair and next thing you know you've committed to hair extensions! OR you've seen your favorite celebrity and your hair envy is legit! I know this feeling well...

Hours later of Google searching and scrolling Instagram you've landed on a few hair extension artists that can make the magic happen!

Here are some quick tips for finding the stylist that's right for YOU!

Just because they claim to have a certificate doesn't mean they have experience. Since the pandemic, most education is online, which means it's possible that this person has zero experience and became certified after just a few hours of online training. In my opinion, that's not enough time! However, there is rare talent out there and I've seen stylists pick up the art quite quickly. Just take into account the pricing should also match the experience.

Look closely at the before and after photos. I've seen some pretty impressive "filtered images" and stolen photos.

How does the stylist make you feel? Did you get an instant feeling that the correct method was selected for you? Do you feel at ease with your decision to have extensions? These emotions are very real, and you'll want to be 100% confident that you've selected the right person for the job! After all, it's an investment, commitment, and a relationship. It should be FUN and EXCITING!

I've met with many who share with me that they've spoken to other stylists but they were made to feel unwelcome, and in some way, they were an inconvenience. It can be a bit overwhelming when you're new to something that you know nothing about. I understand. I also have empathy for those that struggle in the "hair department".

Things to ask

Before calling any salon or stylist be sure to know your budget!

Ask about his/her education. Certification.

Does he/she offer more than one method?

Where is the hair from? Which part of the world was it collected?

Is this hair Remy?

What maintenance is involved?

Ask all your pricing questions so there are no surprises.

Once you've found your perfect person, try and sit back and relax! You've got to enjoy the process and trust along the way.


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