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What You Need To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions!

Thinking about getting hair extensions like your favorite celebrity? Here’s your fun guide to getting the thick, full hair of your dreams in no time!

It's an investment! (You'll need to treat it as such)

Think of hair extensions as an investment in your fabulousness! Quality matters, so invest in a certified stylist who knows their stuff. Don’t skimp on products either—splurge on ones that nourish your hair, not strip it!

Book a Consultation (With A Certified Hair Extension Specialist)

Consultations are key! Make sure your extensions are Remy Human Hair and match your natural texture. Your stylist will find the perfect method for you, whether you’re living that low-maintenance life or ready to go all out.

You'll need to prep and break up with high oil products

Clean hair, happy extensions! Prep by clarifying the night before and morning of your appointment. Skip heavy conditioners to help those bonds stick and keep your extensions looking fresh longer. Save time and money by arriving with squeaky clean hair—I’ve got the rest covered!

Best Clarifying Shampoo: Virtue Labs

Maintenance Schedule (Can you commit?)

Different methods mean different maintenance schedules. Fusion extensions are low-maintenance champs, but others may need touch-ups every 6-8 weeks. Keep those extensions looking fly with regular salon visits!

Fresh Color & Coloring With Extensions In

Love your colorist? Me too! Coordinate your color and extension appointments for seamless style. Get your hair colored right before your extension service to blend perfectly. Stay fresh by scheduling color touch-ups with your maintenance—your hair will thank you!


Ready to rock those extensions? Book your consultation at Studio She today and let’s make your hair dreams a reality! 🌟


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