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Tension Traction... Ever Heard of It?

Have you ever heard of tension traction alopecia? I know I know big words, but something serious that can happen is you are not taking are of your extensions, or the wrong method is used on the wrong hair type.

Tensions traction alopecia... Textbook definition: Tension traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by continuous pulling force on the hair roots

How can this happen? If your hair extensions are installed incorrectly. To dumb it down for you...Your hair can only take so much and if pulled in different directions (like the opposite ways your hair naturally falls) it causes tension on the hair follicles quickly pulling the hair out.

Although all of that happens behind the chair, even if installed correctly it can still happen IF YOU aren't following proper at home care. Just like sleeping with wet hair, brushing while your hair is wet and wearing your hair up!

Traction Alopecia

Now, i'm not saying you can't ever wear your hair up or back... I have a handful of clients who work in fields where their hair needs to be out of their face. I like to tell them wear it low and loose this will help prevent your hair from pulling and holding to much weight in one place causing hair to break and fall out!

There are many ways to prevent tension traction! Make sure your are going to a trained professional, who takes in account which method would be best for your hair type and takes your hair health into consideration. And remember... Tension Traction alopecia doesn't only happen behind the chair!! Be sure to follow all your at home care tips!

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