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The Removal Process | How Hair Extensions Are Removed

The allure of luscious, voluminous hair has led many to explore the world of hair extensions. These transformative hair extension techniques can instantly elevate one's appearance, boosting confidence and style.

However, just as important as the application process is the removal of hair extensions. If the removal is done incorrectly, it can lead to damage and stress on your natural hair.

Hair extension removal involves delicately separating the extensions from your natural hair without causing any undue stress. There are several methods commonly used to remove hair extensions, each with its own approach:

Clip-In Extensions: The easiest to remove, as they can simply be unclipped and lifted out of the hair. This method is safe to do at home, as long as it's done gently and carefully. Be sure to NEVER sleep with clip ins. Your natural hair can tangle in between the clips - causing damage to your natural hair!

Tape-In Extensions: Removed using a solution that breaks down the adhesive used to attach them to the hair. The extensions are then gently slid out. This method requires expertise to ensure that the removal doesn't cause damage to your natural hair. This method causes damage to the natural hair due to the adhesive used to tape it to the hair. When removed the stylist will need to clarify shampoo the hair to be sure to get ALL adhesive off the hair.

Keratin Bonded Extensions: Dissolved using a solvent that weakens the keratin. A professional will then use pliers to gently break the bonds and slide out the extensions. This method requires precision to avoid damaging your natural hair. DO NOT remove extensions on your own!

Micro-Link Extensions: Removed by squeezing the micro-links to open them and then sliding out the extensions. This is one of the easier removal processes.

Sew-In Extensions: Involves cutting the thread that holds the extensions in place. This method can be complex, as it's important to avoid accidentally cutting your natural hair during the process.

Always be sure to seek a professional when needing hair extensions removed. After all, you probably paid a decent amount of money for nice hair! You want to keep it that way!

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