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The Guide to Washing Your Hair Extensions

Hey friends! Let's talk about why washing your hair and hair extensions is an important role when it comes to hair extensions! I want to be sure you are getting the best bang for your buck after investing in yourself!!

Before we get into the "how to's" let's talk about the quality of hair extensions real quick. Now, I know this may sound foreign to you, but Remy human hair extensions are considered the best, as they are made from real human hair and maintain a natural look. You want to be sure that whoever you are going to is using high quality hair, and hair that matches your natural texture as well.

Don't overthink this, but Just like your natural hair, extensions need regular washing also. Treat them as if if was your own hair. You have to remove the dirt, oil, and product buildup, and plus dirty hair is gross. I'm not sure who started the whole"grease training" movement... But it's doing more harm than good to your hair. When your hair is dirty the hair follicles get clogged and prevents the hair from growing! If your hair is dirty... WASH IT!

Conditioning is a key step in maintaining the health and shine of your extensions. Use a lightweight, leave-in conditioner to prevent dryness and tangles after showering. Focus on the mid-lengths to ends, and always avoid the roots to prevent slipping or loosening of the bonds or beads... And greasy looking hair. Choose a day, I prefer Sundays and that's when I clarify shampoo my hair twice, and use a deep conditioning mask!

Now, this is very important! Before showering, be sure to brush your hair out, working your way from the ends up. This is because you don't want to brush your hair when it's wet, so it will help prevent tangling when you are out of the shower. Wait until your hair is about 75% dry before brushing it, this includes using a round brush when blow drying. Rough dry your hair before putting a brush to it! Hair stretches up to 45% when it's wet, so to prevent stretching the hair and causing damage.

See! It's pretty simple... And whether you have extensions or not these tips should be followed no matter what! It will only benefit your hair:)!

Now that you know that washing your hair extensions isn't a full time job, it's time for your very own makeover! Fill out the form today to get started!

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