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The Damage To Your Hair Extensions Created By Heat Styling

We all know heat styling can cause damage to your hair. But do you know exactly how much damage the heat can really cause? Did you know that the same damage can be caused to your hair extensions as well? After all it is most likely real human hair!

Heat styling, such as using hot tools like flat irons, curling irons, and hair dryers, can cause damage to your hair and hair extensions over time. Here are some ways heat styling can damage your hair:

  1. Dryness: Excessive heat can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and brittle.

  2. Breakage: The high temperatures of heat styling tools can weaken the hair, causing it to break and split.

  3. Frizz: Heat can cause the outer layer of your hair, called the cuticle, to become rough and frizzy.

  4. Color Fading: Heat can cause your hair color to fade faster than normal, making it look dull and lifeless.

  5. Loss of Elasticity: Heat can cause your hair to lose its natural elasticity and become more prone to breakage and damage.

Heat styling tools like flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers have become essential tools for many people when it comes to styling their hair. While they can help you achieve a variety of hairstyles, frequent and excessive use of these tools can cause damage to your hair.

In this blog post, we will explore the topic of heat damage to hair, including what it is, how it happens, and how you can prevent it.

What is heat damage to hair?

Heat damage occurs when hair is exposed to high temperatures from heat styling tools. This can result in a variety of hair problems, including dryness, brittleness, split ends, and breakage. Heat damage can also cause your hair to lose its natural shine and become dull.

How does heat damage happen?

When you apply heat to your hair, it breaks down the protein bonds in your hair's cortex, which is the part of the hair responsible for its strength and elasticity. This can cause your hair to become weak and brittle, leading to split ends and breakage.

Additionally, heat can cause your hair's cuticle, which is the protective outer layer of your hair, to lift and become damaged. When the cuticle is damaged, it can't protect the inner layers of your hair from further damage, leading to more split ends, breakage, and dryness.

How can you prevent heat damage to your hair?

Preventing heat damage to your hair starts with minimizing your use of heat styling tools. If you can, try to air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer. If you do need to use a blow dryer, use the cool or low heat setting instead of high heat.

When using flat irons or curling irons, make sure to use a heat protectant spray to help minimize the damage to your hair. Additionally, try to limit the amount of time you spend using these tools and avoid going over the same section of hair multiple times.

Another way to prevent heat damage is to get regular trims to remove any split ends. This can help keep your hair healthy and strong, which can make it more resistant to heat damage.

In conclusion, while heat styling tools can be useful for achieving a variety of hairstyles, they can also cause damage to your hair if used too frequently or excessively. By following these tips and taking steps to minimize heat exposure to your hair, you can help keep your hair healthy and strong.

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